How Do Wireless Surround Sound Systems Work?

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I am going to look at technology which is used for streaming music wirelessly to loudspeakers. Most systems which are designed for sending music wirelessly utilize RF signals. RF waves are a great medium for streaming audio because the signal can bounce off walls and also go into other rooms even though there may not be a direct line of sight between the transmitting device and the speakers. If you purchase of wireless speakers then you want to make sure that you can set up multiple speakers. Bluetooth speakers, for example, are fairly restrictive in terms of how many speakers can receive audio from one transmitting device.

high-quality wireless speakers

Instead of purchasing wireless speakers I often recommend to purchase a dongle or kit which can connect to you speakers. That way you can in terms of sound quality and then connect a wireless device externally. By purchasing a wireless surround sound system, you …

How to Tweak Your PC for Maximum Performance

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Unless you want to upgrade your PC every few years, you will be hard-pressed to run the latest software. The fact is that PC performance is doubling every five years or so. At the same time, manufacturers of software take advantage of the latest features. That means that if you run the latest version of software on your PC then you will notice a decline in performance. There are some things that you can do without spending a lot of money to tweak the PC so that can extend the life time of your current setup. Read this post to find out more.

Memory is one of the most important factors when it comes to PC performance. Unless you have sufficient memory, your computer will be forced to write any excess amount of data onto the hard drive. That can slow down your computer quite a bit. Also, it will wear …

Are Bluetooth Speakers worth the Money?

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It is surprising how the price of Bluetooth speakers has dropped lately. In fact you can find speakers for less than $10 on or other online retailers. Whether a particular model is with the money depends on the application. Let’s take a shower speaker for example. The speakers are designed primarily for taking into a wet environment such as a shower. They usually have a suction cup so that the speaker can be attached to a wall. They also have some control buttons which allow you to change the volume of the speaker and also connect to a cell phone. Obviously, the sound quality of the speakers is usually quite poor. Nonetheless, they are quite need for taking a shower way you don’t usually have high hopes for excellent music quality. Instead more interested in being entertained and having casual music.

Another feature of shower speakers is the ability to connect to …

How to Add Some Wireless Speakers to Your Next Pool Party

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Summer is just around the corner. If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard with a pool, it is likely that you will attract many friends when you send out invitations to your next pool party. However, what good would a party be without music? In this post, I will show you how you can easily add some speakers to your party without drilling holes into your walls.

wireless speakers from Amphony

If you don’t want to drill holes then obviously wireless speakers are great option. It is not hard to find a model which is suitable for use in the backyard. If you look at some wireless speakers from Amphony, you will find that they are models which boast 80 Watts power. You will need a sufficient wattage in order to have enough loudness. Keep in mind that in the outdoor environment there’s usually plenty of background noise such …

How Wireless Technology Can Simplify Your Life

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Most of us have at least several thousand electronic devices at home. Unfortunately, most of these devices require some sort of cable in order to work. In addition, most of these cables are different. That means if you ever have try to hook something up and didn’t keep the cable that came with the device then most likely you will be unable to utilize other cables for setting it up. What is even more annoying is that the large amount of cables creates a huge mess. Just think of your typical computer. Usually you will have at least 10 different cables dangling from the back of the computer connecting two different devices.

Given these problems, many companies have come up with ways to combat this cable mess. Wireless seems to be the most promising approach. This technology promises to get rid of cables. One of the most promising technologies is Bluetooth. This …

Tips for Saving Money on a Tablet Computer

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The PC market is shrinking. Big manufacturers such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard are cutting their workforce. Microsoft also is suffering due to dwindling numbers of customers purchasing their operating system and office suite. Instead, more and more customers nowadays prefer purchasing tablet computers. Tablet computers have been around for a while. Especially book readers which resemble today’s tablet computers have been introduced 10 years ago already. However, these haven’t really taken off until Apple’s launch of the iPad. The iPad has pretty much awoken customer awareness of this type of computer. If you are looking for a bargain when purchasing a tablet then read on. I’m sure you will find some valuable tips.

Even though Apple’s iPad is not super expensive, you can still save a lot of money by looking at some other options. Microsoft also has launched their own surface tablet. That tablet is running the Windows operating system. …