How Do Wireless Surround Sound Systems Work?

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I am going to look at technology which is used for streaming music wirelessly to loudspeakers. Most systems which are designed for sending music wirelessly utilize RF signals. RF waves are a great medium for streaming audio because the signal can bounce off walls and also go into other rooms even though there may not be a direct line of sight between the transmitting device and the speakers. If you purchase of wireless speakers then you want to make sure that you can set up multiple speakers. Bluetooth speakers, for example, are fairly restrictive in terms of how many speakers can receive audio from one transmitting device.

high-quality wireless speakers

Instead of purchasing wireless speakers I often recommend to purchase a dongle or kit which can connect to you speakers. That way you can in terms of sound quality and then connect a wireless device externally. By purchasing a wireless surround sound system, you can minimize the amount of speaker wires in your room. However, these systems are also useful for streaming music to speakers which is set up in other rooms especially if the signal can penetrate walls.

If you want to have a set up where the speakers are in another room, you will have to figure out the operating range. Don’t just look at the maximum range because the wireless range is influenced by a number of factors. First of all, if the signal has to pass through a wall or partition, you will have to understand that the signal will get weekend by passing through wall. Therefore, the distance between the speakers and transmitter is much reduced. If you have a digital system, then the wireless speakers will work pretty well as long as they are within range. His soonest the speakers get close to the maximum range, audio will become unreliable and sometimes totally dropout.

This is quite different from previous analog wireless systems which were exhibiting more and more noise as you were moving the speakers farther away from the transmitting source. The way wireless surround sound systems operate is that they take usually to channels on the transmitting device which are then converted into data. This data is transmitted wirelessly to receiver unit which then converts the data back to analog audio. This audio signal is amplified inside the receiving unit so that speakers can be connected directly. In most cases, a receiver will support a maximum of two speakers. However, you might also wish to purchase dedicated receivers for each speaker in which case each of the receivers would only have a mono output.

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