How to Tweak Your PC for Maximum Performance

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Unless you want to upgrade your PC every few years, you will be hard-pressed to run the latest software. The fact is that PC performance is doubling every five years or so. At the same time, manufacturers of software take advantage of the latest features. That means that if you run the latest version of software on your PC then you will notice a decline in performance. There are some things that you can do without spending a lot of money to tweak the PC so that can extend the life time of your current setup. Read this post to find out more.

Memory is one of the most important factors when it comes to PC performance. Unless you have sufficient memory, your computer will be forced to write any excess amount of data onto the hard drive. That can slow down your computer quite a bit. Also, it will wear out your hard drive over time. Therefore, I would pay close attention to the hardware requirements which are listed with your software. Don’t just stick with the minimum system requirements. When it comes to memory, just at enough is that you meet the optimum system requirements in that respect. You don’t necessarily have to have the fast processor to get good performance.

It is more important that you have enough memory and also I suggest purchasing a solid-state hard drive which can reduce the boot time of your PC. Also, I would maintain the operating system and also software which you frequently use on you are a solid-state drive. That in addition, I recommend you purchase a regular hard drive which can store less frequently used software and data.

A solid state hard drive offers the advantage that random access of data is much faster since there are no physical parts that have to be moved unlike a hard drive. You will really notice a huge boost in speed when it comes to boot time of your PC. Also make sure that the video card of your PCs up to date. Then again, you don’t have to have the latest model in order to get good performance. Just make sure that your card has enough video memory.

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