Are Bluetooth Speakers worth the Money?

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It is surprising how the price of Bluetooth speakers has dropped lately. In fact you can find speakers for less than $10 on or other online retailers. Whether a particular model is with the money depends on the application. Let’s take a shower speaker for example. The speakers are designed primarily for taking into a wet environment such as a shower. They usually have a suction cup so that the speaker can be attached to a wall. They also have some control buttons which allow you to change the volume of the speaker and also connect to a cell phone. Obviously, the sound quality of the speakers is usually quite poor. Nonetheless, they are quite need for taking a shower way you don’t usually have high hopes for excellent music quality. Instead more interested in being entertained and having casual music.

Another feature of shower speakers is the ability to connect to a cell phone. Therefore, you can take phone calls while taking a shower which is kind of need because you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone by water. However, when taking a shower obviously there will be a fair amount of noise caused by the water. So when you do receive a phone call you might want to turn off the shower and then answer the call.

Also, many people like taking speakers on the go. Being a small as they are, Bluetooth speakers are ideal for putting into a back without being heavy. In addition, they are portable and as such don’t require a power source. However, keep in mind that the internal battery only last for so long. Therefore, the speaker will have to be recharged every so often. However, if you just want a few hours of music then buying one of these Bluetooth speakers can definitely be worth it.

If you are into hi-fi then I suggest spending a bit more to get better sound quality. Also, if speakers is stationary then you can purchase a model that has a more powerful amplifier because it can be plugged into an outlet. In this case you don’t have to worry about draining you to the battery.

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