How to Add Some Wireless Speakers to Your Next Pool Party

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Summer is just around the corner. If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard with a pool, it is likely that you will attract many friends when you send out invitations to your next pool party. However, what good would a party be without music? In this post, I will show you how you can easily add some speakers to your party without drilling holes into your walls.

wireless speakers from Amphony

If you don’t want to drill holes then obviously wireless speakers are great option. It is not hard to find a model which is suitable for use in the backyard. If you look at some wireless speakers from Amphony, you will find that they are models which boast 80 Watts power. You will need a sufficient wattage in order to have enough loudness. Keep in mind that in the outdoor environment there’s usually plenty of background noise such as sounds from splashing water or people talking.

Obviously, you don’t want the speakers to be annoying. Therefore, you will need to balance the sound versus the ambient noise. If you only set up a few speakers then the problem is that if somebody is close to the speaker the volume might be too loud. On the other hand, people who were further away from the speaker might not get enough sound. The only way to balance this out is by setting up additional speakers.

ifinity speakers

I would distribute the speakers around the area that is frequented by your guests. You might want to set two speakers by the poor and two more speakers by the dining area. Then make sure that you can pair all of the speakers with the transmitter unit. Usually wireless speakers have a maximum of speakers that you can use per transmitter. I don’t recommend Bluetooth speakers because usually can only pair a single speaker per device.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

If you are in the market for some wireless speakers then make sure that the range and wattage of the speakers sufficient. You might want to measure the distance between your source and the area where you are going to set up the speakers beforehand. Then make sure that the maximum range supported by the speakers is at least double. That is taking into account the fact that signal will be degraded by people walking in between the line of sight. The wattage should be sufficient for the area that you want to cover. If you set up multiple speakers then each speaker doesn’t need the same amount of wattage that you would need if you were going to set up just one or two speakers.

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