How Wireless Technology Can Simplify Your Life

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Most of us have at least several thousand electronic devices at home. Unfortunately, most of these devices require some sort of cable in order to work. In addition, most of these cables are different. That means if you ever have try to hook something up and didn’t keep the cable that came with the device then most likely you will be unable to utilize other cables for setting it up. What is even more annoying is that the large amount of cables creates a huge mess. Just think of your typical computer. Usually you will have at least 10 different cables dangling from the back of the computer connecting two different devices.

Given these problems, many companies have come up with ways to combat this cable mess. Wireless seems to be the most promising approach. This technology promises to get rid of cables. One of the most promising technologies is Bluetooth. This technology is well standardized and was developed specifically for transmitting data from the computer to a portable device. As a result, many devices such as cell phones or tablet computers have built-in Bluetooth. That makes it easy to connect between different devices without having to attach cables.

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Another popular device which eliminates cables are portable Bluetooth speakers. The speakers work from batteries and thus don’t even require power cord. However, don’t forget that batteries will deplete over time and need to be replaced or recharge. One limitation of Bluetooth, however, is the limited data rate. That means that in any given second you can only transmit a limited amount of data. This is a bottleneck especially for transmitting audio or video. Therefore, technology manufacturers have also introduced other wireless technologies. In other very popular technology is called Wi-Fi.

The more modern Wi-Fi standard support high data rates and thus the wireless link is hardly a bottleneck anymore. However, keep in mind that high data rates are usually only possible between devices which support these new formats. In addition, high data rates are usually only possible if both connecting devices are fairly close to one another. If you are planning on transmitting through walls in your house then the data rate usually decreases. In addition, new frequency bands have been opened by the regulatory body in order to allow an ever increasing data rate.

Cell phones are quite popular because you can carry them with you wherever you go. Then your phones have technology building which supports even higher data rates than the previous-generation phones. These data rates also allow reception of audio and video content.

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